Project Zero is a small studio based in Russia. I've started to work with a clay first, but after workshop in Czech Republic I totally fell in love with porcelain. “Project Zero” – is a name of my first small collection, the one that infected me with porcelain obsession (it is similar to medical term – “patient zero”, the first human infected by a disease).

I’m working with Bone China porcelain. It is very pure and self-sufficient material by its nature and I use simple shapes and design to emphasize its character. The more mold is used the more details and scratches it gets, and that is exactly what makes each piece unique and memorable. Each technical detail or pattern after slip casting, crack or tiny dent on the object can tell a story of how the object was born and I cherish that. I experiment a lot with glazes, pigments and design techniques, but still try not to overload a piece. It is always a white canvas and a detail. Sometimes you can tell a whole story just by one drop of color on the surface. My perfect imperfection.