Self-taught ceramic artist, turned into an Art Manager with a desire to understand the industry from inside. And now willing to get back into an amazing world of ceramics, contribute to enhance its' popularity and spread my passion for this art with others.


Once a ceramic artist - always a ceramic artist!








Project Zero studio was established in 2015. First I was working with clay, but after a workshop in Czech Republic I totally fell in love with porcelain. “Project Zero” – is a name of my first small collection, the one that "infected" me with porcelain obsession (similar to medical term – “patient zero”, the first human infected by a disease).


I’m working with Bone China porcelain. It is very pure and self-sufficient material by its nature and I use simple shapes and design to emphasize its character. The more mold is used the more details and scratches it gets, and that is exactly what makes each piece unique and memorable. Each technical detail or pattern after slip casting, crack or tiny dent on the object can tell a story of how the object was born and I cherish that. I experiment a lot with glazes, pigments and design techniques, but still try not to overload a piece. It is always a white canvas and a detail.


Sometimes you can tell a whole story just by one drop of color on the surface. 

My perfect imperfection.


About me in 2 words: 

ceramics  addicted!





OCT 2019 TO JAN 2022

Assistant Curator of Lucio Fontana Ceramic Show 2022

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice (Italy).


2015 TO 2019                                                                                       

Ceramic Artist and Owner PROJECT ZERO (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 

Contemporary porcelain art pieces and interior accessories.


2010 TO 2015

Senior Graphic Designer / Assistant Director of Marketing Depart

LLC “Int Centre InterSTUDY” (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Education abroad. 


2007 TO 2010

Interior Designer

Design Bureau «Cub-A», (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Interior design, furniture and store equipment.




2019 TO 2020

Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy)

Master Degree in Art Management


JUNE 2017 

The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia (Plzen, Czech Rep.)

1 week porcelain slip casting workshop 



2005 TO 2007

Ural State Architecture and Art Academy (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic design       


2001 TO 2005

Ural State Architecture and Art Academy (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design