Back in the USSR period crystal tableware was one of the things that each family had at home, no matter, how rich or poor, big or small it was, living in a city or a tiny village, and most of all what nationality it was. Crystal was popular across all 15 republics of the USSR, similar items could have been found in Belorussian or Estonian, Armenian or Ukrainian, Georgian or Moldavian houses and etc. This crystal heritage is kind of a symbol of that united historical period. Today’s political tense situation broke many fraternal peoples apart, even some families, and caused racial intolerance to each other.


Project 6ZERO1501 (named as the postal code of the Gus’-Khrustalniy city, famous for its oldest crystal manufacture) is about reminding people of our roots, past and common background together. “Reincarnated” in porcelain these outdated crystal pieces are able to get people’s attention, evoke nostalgia and inspire to reset and rethink current situation. All molds for slip casting were made from authentic Soviet crystal vases. Casted in porcelain, these pure “crystal” white pieces emphasize the original beauty of glass carving tradition. Fragile at the first sight, the pieces are actually strong like people’s connection.